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At Top Shelf Painting & Staining our goal is to provide you with an incredible project that surpasses your "typical contractor experience". 


We know that it's hard to find contractors your can trust and that an amazing project starts with world-class customer service and ends with a quality project that lasts for years to come. 


When it comes to the painting and staining industry, quality is a project that looks amazing and stands the test of time.  Our team focuses on pairing the best painters in the industry with the best products, tools, and equipment while following the best possible methods, techniques, and processes to provide an unparalleled end product for your project.  Preparation is where most companies fall short and our team understands that the most important part of every project is the amount of time and effort that goes into surface preparation. and we use top-of-the-line products for all of our business's services. Full range of products  


We are here for you and know that great service required listening and communication. From our first conversation about your project and until your project is completed with excellence, our team is focused on ensuring that your project needs and goals are understood and met with intention.  Our team is available around the clock to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your project. We pay attention to the details in order to ensure the end product you receive is high quality

Our representative will first work with you to understand your project needs and what is truly important to you.  Our professionally trained team will then work evenings and weekends to deliver on our promises made in the proposal. 


We heavily vet each of our painters.  The most important thing we look for when hiring is painters who care because we know from experience that if someone cares they will go above and beyond to serve your and do an amazing job on your project.  Once carefully selected, each of our painters is trained to intentionally follow the best practices to hit your project goals. We know that it's the small things that matter and our team is constantly searching for ways to improve the quality of service you receive. 


Our team is used to working on tight deadlines  We pay attention to the details in order to ensure the end product you receive is high quality and delivered on time. 


We have a 3 Year Written Guarantee on our painting projects, full WSIB - workers compensation coverage, $5,000,000 in Liability Insurance Coverage.

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