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Economical Insurance Group
$5 Million Liability Insurance

You can sleep well at night knowing that you and your home are covered by our $5 Million General Liability Insurance policy in the case of an accident. (We have never needed to use this policy — *knock on wood*).  

WSIB Approved.png
Full WSIB Coverage

When you choose Top Shelf Painting & Staining, every worker that steps foot on your property is covered by WSIB. Many house painters are NOT covered by WSIB. You would be surprised at how many painting contractors claim to have coverage but really don’t.     As a homeowner, you can have the peace of mind knowing that you will not be liable in the case of a job-site injury.


3 Year Written
Warranty From
Top Shelf Painting

Top Shelf provides a 3-Year Written Guarantee (longest in the industry) on all of our interior and exterior painting services (some conditions do apply).  If the paint job does not hold up, we will come back and fix it for you free of charge.

Longest Warranty In Painting Industry

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Top Shelf is committed to providing highest quality workmanship. Period. We are not satisfied until you are with the finished product!

At Top Shelf We Aren't Satisfied Until You Are.  

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